Why Is Anthropology Important Essay? Why Do We Need Social Anthropology?

Anthropology holds a large mirror in front of a person and gives him the opportunity to look at himself in all his boundless diversity. How does this "mirror" work? First of all, we need to understand that modern social anthropology grew out of the studies of the late 19th and early 20th centuries when the main focus of anthropologists was on “primitive” non-Western societies. Much of the research in anthropology consists of articles in scientific journals and unassailable monographs:

  • These writings are replete with strange titles and unfamiliar terms; they are too technical for the average reader.
  • To understand the specifics of social anthropology, it is also important to keep in mind that when studying a foreign society, an anthropologist observes situations that cannot be assessed from the point of view of “his” culture.
  • Moreover, such an assessment is incorrect for a social anthropologist as a scientist who seeks to obtain objective knowledge.

The Connection Between Anthropology and Globalization Processes

No one can change the processes of globalization: large retail chains, food system enterprises, mass manufacturers. All this inevitably affects the culture and way of life of people. But at the same time, processes of localization are underway, when people are also trying to preserve what makes them, for example, a historical feature that is close to them due to the natural and geographical conditions in which they live. In some ways, these two processes contradict each other, but in some ways, they coexist peacefully. You can consume what globalization offers us (drink cola and eat fast food), but at the same time cook your own national pilaf. Each person is free to make his own choice. You cannot force a person to adhere to the cultural traditions of the people to which he belongs.

How to Cope with Writing the Anthropology Essay?

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